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The Bondera Family processing coffee

How much is Shipping?
We have a flat rate of $10 for shipping and handling for everything, any size. The exceptions are the Coffee CSA where shipping is free and international orders where shipping will reflect the real cost.

Why is your coffee so expensive?
Kona coffee is consistently the best tasting coffee in the world with rivals like Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, and thus, people are willing to pay a premium for it. Ours is also organic and there is usually a premium on organic because we work harder to bring you natural, chemical-free coffee. Kona coffee is also the only coffee grown in a First World country and the price does reflect high operating costs, fair wages to workers and a viable family farm.

What does Organic mean?
We grow this coffee without chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. We don't use GMO coffee stock. We process only with a mechanical pulper, pure water, and sunshine. We are certified organic by the ICS. Our miller & roaster are certified organic as well.

Why is it 100% Kona?
Mainland processors and cafes usually sell Kona coffee that contains only 10% Kona and the remaining is a low quality coffee. The taste is entirely different. Our coffee is 100% Kona and entirely from our farm. Visit the Kona Coffee Farmers Association for more information.

What is a Coffee CSA?
You receive a pound or half pound of our freshly roasted organic kona coffee at your doorstep each month for a year. We call it a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) after the model of a vegetable box per week from one farm.

What does Kanalani Ohana mean?
Kanalani means Abundance in Hawaiian. We believe that food belongs to everyone and that there should be access for wonderfully delicious, nutritious, organic food for all. Ohana means family in Hawaiian. We are Kanalani Family Farm as our farm family and apprentices do all the work of the farm and maintain our livlihood from it.



Kanalani Ohana Farm
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